Your Legal Rights After Being Injured in an Auto Accident
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Your Legal Rights After Being Injured in an Auto Accident

Finding fault for an auto accident may not be that hard. If you were struck by another vehicle who turned into your lane if you were struck by an oncoming car who swerved into your lane, if you were not even moving at a stoplight or parking space, you may think that the matter of who was at fault is pretty cut and dry. However, if you are injured in any kind of auto accident, you have to protect your rights. Even if you aren’t sure if you’re injured at the scene it’s vital to file a report, exchange insurance information, and know and understand your legal rights.

What is Personal Injury: The definition of what defines injury has different merits from state to state. In Connecticut, there are four (4) criteria, which must be met to prove negligence by another party.

There must be a duty owed by the person who caused the injury

The person at fault must have failed to carry out that duty

The injured person must have suffered damages

The other person’s failure must have caused the injury

Of course, the at-fault individual, having had hours, days, or weeks to concoct their own version of events may try and dodge responsibility. This is why you need to know your legal rights following an auto accident where you sustained an injury.

What to Do When You’re Injured in an Auto Accident: The respected legal resource reminds us that the excitement of auto accidents may cause us to not even notice our injuries immediately thereafter. This is one of the reasons why seeing a doctor after an auto accident isn’t just your right but also your responsibility. Even if you feel fine; if there is some latent tissue damage, concussion, or other lingering pain or discomfort you may have a need to seek recourse from the one who hit you. Also if this injury pops up several days or weeks later you could be left on the hook for these damages if you weren’t promptly checked out and documented by a medical professional.

Attorneys Speak Legalese: You may have a soured opinion of whom a car accident lawyer is and what it is they do but when you are injured in an auto accident, you have certain rights under the law. An attorney’s job is to interpret the law; therefore maintaining the counsel of an attorney is a wise move. Attorneys can

Obtain evidence

Communicate with the insurance company

Organize medical bills

Present evidence to collect damages

Get you the settlement you deserve

No one likes to really be presented with the reality of “what would happen if…” Regardless of a consumer who shares the road with other consumers who may or may not be competent drivers, it’s important that you always protect yourself in the event of an accident. Knowing your rights, documenting all evidence, presenting it to police and insurance companies, and seeing a doctor are all part of this delicate relationship.

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